East Germany (Banknotes)

East Germany
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Currency: Forum cheque of East Germany (FEC)
               (1 Mark = 100 Pfennig)

Issuer: Forum Außenhandelsgesellschaft m.b.H.
           (Ministry of Foreign Trade of the GDR)
(GDR - German Democratic Republic - East Germany)

0,5 Mark: DDR-0,5-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-0,5-Mark-FS-R-1979 The banknotes of East Germany:

       East German mark       

Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX1]
1 Mark: DDR-1-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-1-Mark-FS-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX2]
Forum checks were issued between 1979 and 1989 by the East German Foreign Trade Ministry to control and skim off the freely convertible currencies owned by citizens of East Germany. They were mainly used for shopping in special shops ("Intershop") as a substitute currency for the German Mark (DEM). The official exchange rate to the German Mark was 1 Mark FS (FEC) = 1 DEM. With the introduction of the Forum checks the possession of freely convertible foreign currencies was officially banned for citizens of East Germany. Foreign currencies had to be exchanged for Forum cheques at the State Bank of the GDR. A return exchange was not possible.

5 Mark: DDR-5-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-5-Mark-FS-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX3]
10 Mark: DDR-10-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-10-Mark-FS-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX4]
50 Mark: DDR-50-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-50-Mark-FS-R-1979  
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX5]
100 Mark: DDR-100-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-100-Mark-FS-R-1979  
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX6]
500 Mark: DDR-500-Mark-FS-V-1979DDR-500-Mark-FS-R-1979  
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX7] - not in circulation
All presented banknotes belong to series, which were in circulation during my life in East Germany (1968-1990). The collection does not claim to completeness or timeliness.
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