Scotland (Banknotes)

ScotlandUnited Kingdom
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Currency: Scottish pound sterling (GBP)
               (1 Pound sterling = 100 Pence)

Issuer: Bank of Scotland,   
        Royal Bank of Scotland,
        Clydesdale Bank
  (Pound / Pound sterling)

Bank of Scotland: Sct-BoS-5-Pfund-V-1996Sct-BoS-5-Pfund-R-1996
   Bank of Scotland - banknotes   
Series 1995-2006 (1996)  [P-119]
Royal Bank of Scotland: Sct-RBS-5-Pfund-V-1996Sct-RBS-5-Pfund-R-1996
   Royal Bank of Scotland - banknotes   
Series 1988-2016 (1996)  [P-352]
Clydesdale Bank: Sct-CdB-5-Pfund-V-2002Sct-CdB-5-Pfund-R-2002
   Clydesdale Bank - banknotes   
Series 1982-2006 (2002)  [P-218]
Banknotes of the United Kingdom: 
      British pound - banknotes      
All presented banknotes belong to series, which were - wholly or partially - in circulation during my stay in Scotland (1999). The collection does not claim to completeness or timeliness.
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    Banknotes overview    
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